What is a broker?

You must have heard the term of ‘broker’ quite a lot in the topics of business. This term has an extremely important meaning in trading and other business dealings. So who is a broker and what role does he play in trading? A broker is usually an independent agent, whose responsibility is to do the necessary dealings and negotiate transactions between the consumer and the seller. Both the seller and the company, for the financial transactions of buying and purchasing contact the broker for their trade.

The broker’s job is to facilitate both the parties. They work on a commission basis on each deal that is finalized. This occupation is not limited to one field only. In fact, brokers are needed in various fields of business.  Brokers have a vast area to serve in which is why there are many kinds of brokers. The expenses of brokers may vary and is dependent on what an individual broker demands.

What Is A Stock Broker?

Stock broker plays an essential role in stock trading. Like mentioned above, these brokers lead the dealing between the clients and the companies owning the stocks. The market of stocks is huge and is one of the leading businesses in the world. A stock broker must be aware of the history of stocks, patterned fluctuations, and forex trades.  Also, a stock broker has a big burden of neither letting his client nor his company down.

Types Of Brokers:

Full-Service Broker

This broker will serve its client every way possible. He manages all the dealings that his client requires. He will direct his client on investing the money on the most profitable stock, and will guide him with all the information of the stocks that the client might need. Just like lawyers, they steer their clients through the best way possible. The full-service broker will also counsel his client to get the best possible result out of his investment. However, they are expensive in accordance with their services.

The Discount Broker

These brokers know about the stocks but do not give out a lot of information about the trade to their clients. They may recommend some things to the client and give out partial knowledge as well, but the client needs to do his own research for moving further with the investments.

The Online Broker

This is a relatively new addition to the types of brokers that we have. These brokers exist online for their clients and serve them through the digital medium. These brokers are less costly. The clients will get helped by the online brokers for the getting the right information about stocks, investments, and other necessary details. However, the core basic research has to be done by the client prior to getting consulted by the broker, as he will only partially serve the client.

The Fundamental Functions Of A Stock Broker

The core function of the stock broker is the provision of his services to the clients. Each time he buys stock and sells them to the investor, he must make sure the price that is negotiated is favorable to the seller, the investor and himself.

It is almost impossible for anyone to buy or sell stocks without a stock broker. This is why brokers have a significant standing for many investors, industries, and companies. If a broker is able to yield the best possible negotiation, he is considered to be a good stock broker. With this as a basis, brokers can vary in their commission charges from their clients.

Where To Find Stock Brokers?

Traditionally, stock brokers work in a brokerage firm, where basically, for the facilitation of the buyers and sellers stock brokers are accessible. The clients pursue the brokerage firms to get in touch with the stock brokers. As there are a lot of hoaxes and frauds out there that one might want to stay away from.

In a more modern platform, stock trading brokers are available on the internet as well, as mentioned above. These brokers deal with the clients in far-fetched countries as well. This will also be helpful for the clients who want to invest in the stocks that are from foreign countries. Through the online medium, they can earn big profits as they have a variety of options to choose from.

How Do Stock Brokers Make Money?

The stock brokers work on commissions. However, the brokerage firms earn money on the difference of the lowest price that a company sells its stock for and the highest amount that the investor agrees on paying. This is known as bid-ask.

If the same stock is sold and bought for with a major gap, the stock broker will earn more. For instance, if a company sells the share for 100 bucks and the investor is talked into getting the same share in 150 bucks, the broker earns 50 in the dealing. Other than this, stock brokers also charge a fee based on their experiences.

Further Information

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